About Safiya

I’m a Designer; Martial Artist and Fitness Freak 🙂Safiya

Through a history of bad eating habits and overcoming the many obstacles involved, I fell in love with the gym and healthy living.
I have learnt that eating is part of the joys of life and not just a means of getting fat. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring and tasteless food. I’ve shared some toothsome recipes that are totally diet friendly.

The thrilling part of exercising for me is embracing the joy of watching my body change as time goes by. I’m sure you have a goals too… may it be fat-loss, weight gain, or just live healthier; the key to success is consistency. It may take weeks or months but i promise you that if you work hard and be consistent in your training, your goal will be accomplished.

Today I am stronger and fitter than I was yesterday; Tomorrow I will be even better!

Along with my passion for working out, I also practice martial arts… particularly Shaolin Kung Fu. If I had to describe what ‘kung fu’ is, my answer would be: “it is a way of life”.

I’m a very shy and reserved person. (Hence my short and to the point posts 😉 )
My martial art’s training has boosted my confidence, self-esteem, taught me about good morals, self-respect and discipline. Kung fu is something that is carried with me in my daily life.
I do full contact fighting, called ‘Sanshou’, which basically is Chinese kickboxing, and MMA too.

One of the most important things that martial art has strengthened in me is my will power.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”. It does not matter how small or how big you are, you can achieve anything your heart desires if you BELIEVE YOU CAN.

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