1 ingredient chocolate crunchie cookies

If you’re feeling for a sweet treat and don’t have much time on your hands;
instead of heading for an unhealthy box of biscuits…
make your own chocolate crunchy cookies using a futurelife smart bar 🙂

This is the simplest cookie recipe yet!

1 ingredient chocolate crunchy cookies, made in just 10 minutes!



Here is how the magic happens:


Grab a futurelife smart bar – chocolate flavor

Cut up the bar into bite sized pieces


Flatten the pieces between your hands or with a rolling-pin

Place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper, and bake at 180’c for 10 minutes.


Remove the cookies from the oven and place onto a cooling rack. The longer they stand, the crunchier they get!



That’s all there is to it, so so easy and so so yummy!

These cookies are best enjoyed by dunking them in a glass of milk mmm…
I enjoyed mine in almond milk.

Yum… Yum.. 😛


Here is a printable version for you:
(click to enlarge)


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