crunchy peanut butter popcorn


There is something about popcorn that never fails to put a smile on the face of the consumer. The smell of fresh popcorn would thrill anybody.

I absolutely love popcorn; I could eat it every day.
Popcorn may satisfy any palate… one may enjoy it sweet, salty, plain, spicy, chewy, crunchy, and a million other ways.

Popcorn is a low calorie snack and can be incorporated into a healthy diet.

There is one thing that I love more than popcorn and that is peanut butter.

💡 Light bulb! 💡

I’ve combined my two favourite things into one delicious, crunchy snack.

Here is what I did:

I placed my air-popped popcorn into a plastic bag and set aside.
For the peanut butter coating: I added just about a tablespoon of Organic peanut butter (not the commercial kind) to a small bowl and poured a little bit of hot water to the bowl. I stirred the mixture until I achieved a runny consistency. (For a sweeter taste, add a dash of maple syrup to the mixture). I then added the mixture to the bag of popcorn and scrunched the bag a few times to make sure that every kernel was covered.
Once my popcorn had been peanut-butterfied, I laid the popcorn onto a greased baking tray and placed it into a 180’c oven for about 10min to dry up a little. If you like your popcorn sticky… skip the baking part.

The end result was delicious, crunchy, peanut butter popcorn… Booyah!
crunchy peanut butter popcorn

But wait….

The popcorn party has not ended yet…

Here is a recipe for Protein Popcorn:

Follow the procedure for the coated popcorn above;

For the coating:
Add a scoop of vanilla whey protein to a small bowl and add very little water; Just enough water to create a thick consistency that isn’t too runny. Add a dash of maple syrup or sweetener of your choice. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter to the mixture and stir.

*optional: I’ve added some crushed nuts to my popcorn for a little extra crunch. Feel free to get creative… add some raisins for a peanut butter and jelly taste; or some dark chocolate chips for peanut butter choc-chip cookie popcorn.
protein popcorn2 protein popcornmmm…


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