DIY tank top

…As a fitness junkie, I practically spend my life in track pants and tank tops, nevertheless… I still like style.

Lately, I’ve gotten bored of my usual training wear and needed something different.
(No, I’m not planning on going shopping)

Just last week I had cleaned out my closets (mission impossible) and found many over-sized t-shirts.
I was too sentimental to throw anything away, so i decided to play fashion designer!

I made my very own gym tank top :D..

Here is how I went about creating it:

You will need:

– an over-sized t-shirt (preferably an old tee)
– a pair of scissors

over-sized tee and scissors

  1. Snip off the collar (you will be cutting out more later to get your desired style)
    *do not throw away the off cuts as you will be using them later.step 1
  2. Cut off the sleeves. To ensure that the cut is symmetrical, what I have done is – cut off one sleeve and place it onto the other sleeve for measurement on how much to cut off.step 2
  3. Cut off the bottom of the t-shirt.
    (note: you don’t necessarily have to cut the bottom straight. You may even cut diagonally for a high-low style)step 3
  4. Turn the t-shirt over so that the back of the t-shirt is facing up and cut a large ‘V’ or ‘U’ along the neck area.step 4 & 6
  5. Fit the t-shirt
  6. Keep trimming the sleeves and neck line until you achieve your desired style.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the style, cut the ‘off cuts’/left over material into strips.
  8. Wrap the shoulder straps together and tie a knot or bow.
    tip: you can use any material or ribbon to tie the back of the tank top.

step 8



..Im heading to the gym in my Super Cool Gym Tank Top!
Buh Bye for now 😀



I’ve even created a Shaolin Fight Right tank top 😀

SFR tank top

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