Peek-a-boo Heart Cake

I’m not very enthusiastic about baking. In fact, I would rather be sitting behind an office desk than being in the kitchen. Fortunately though, I have a mind for creativity and that would include baking.

I have come across the peek-a-boo cake and have been hankering on making one myself.

After many failed attempts, I had finally created my own peek-a-boo heart cake.

I started off by baking a pink cake and cut out little hearts from the pink cake. The hearts were meant to be hidden inside the cake; from which I assume the name “peek-a-boo cake” originated from.

cake cut-out

cake hearts

Part 2 – I then prepared another batch of cake batter, only this time it was a plain cake. I mischievously hid the little cake hearts inside the plain cake mixture; like a pirate burying is precious treasure 😛

It was a little tough, trying to keep the hearts hidden in the mixture, due to the laws of gravitation; the batter was heavier than the hearts which caused the hearts to float in the baking tin. *rolling eyes* Nevertheless, I had managed to hide the hearts and the cake was ready for the oven (so excited).


After waiting in anticipation, the cake was finally done. It was time to cut the cake and reveal the surprise inside.

With my teeth in my lips and my fingers crossed, I proceeded to slice the cake.


peek-a-boo heart cake

Woop Woop! Success!

My amazing peek-a-boo heart cake 😀

peek-a-boo heart cake01

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